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“Communicating in a flat world”

Posted by iabcadmin on February 20, 2011

In its last event of 2010, members of the Zurich IABC chapter enjoyed an enlightening session called “Communicating in a flat world”, presented by Silvia Cambié and Marc Wright, Chair IABC Europe and Middle East.

The program explored some of today’s mega-trends in communications, including the impact of social media for engaging with consumers and employees and the shift in global demand to emerging markets. According to Marc Wright, there are now over two billion middle class consumers in the world’s emerging markets. These consumers have a very different set of cultural and behavioral drivers than those in mature markets. Silvia Cambié shared some powerful examples of how social media is helping address tough social issues, for example opening dialogs to break down entrenched prejudices in societies that do not respect diversity.

Silvia is a London based strategic communication and social media advisor who has designed communication campaigns for the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank, USAid, the Chilean Economic Development Agency, the University of Lugano and the World Health Organization. Her blog, XCulture, is read by 19,000 people. Marc is Chairman of the simplygroup.  Mark won the Image of ’92 Award for his work promoting the European Parliament, and wrote and directed Inside Europe – an educational series for BBC Television, which explored the continent’s different cultural identities through the eyes of school children.  He is currently advising global organizations Tetra Pak, Vodafone, WHO and Adidas.

Special thanks to Zurich Insurance for hosting the program and to Deborah Hudson, Head of Employee Communications, and her team for organizing the event. The Zurich chapter of the IABC is planning a number of equally engaging events for 2011.


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