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2011: First message from President, Swiss Chapter

Posted by iabcadmin on February 8, 2011

Welcome to 2011.

Following the December 2010 elections held at our guest speaker event, your new Swiss chapter Executive Board (EB) met to discuss plans for 2011 and deal with administrative issues.

Please email me if you would like a copy of the minutes from that meeting, which we hope will present you with a transparent and useful insight into how we will operate going forward.

We will continue to post updates on this blog. If you have some experience in this area and would like to help us keep the blog up to date, please contact us and we can elect you onto the EB should you wish.

February is a worldwide Member Month

During February, for new or lapsed members who join or re-join IABC, we’ll waive the application fee (US$40/CDN$43.20/AUS$46/€33.60 for faxed/mailed/phoned enrollments; US$30/CDN$32.40/AUS$34.50/€25.20 for Internet enrollments). Please remember: applications must be received at the San Francisco headquarters office during the month of February to qualify. This promotion does not affect renewing members, transitional members or students (who aren’t required to pay the application fee).

Six webinars free to members in 2011

You may have heard that IABC is responding to member research by offering members six free web seminars throughout 2011, the first of which took place on 19 January. Each session will be archived on the web site after it takes place, so that members can access them at their convenience. Bookmark this link in your Web-browser and learn more about upcoming sessions.

Europe’s leading conference on corporate communication from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is being held on the 7th and 8th April in Turin, Italy. For more information and to book: http://europe.iabc.com

Wishing you a year of great communication!

Andrew Morrison ABC
President, Swiss chapter


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